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Golden Special Bird

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A recipe for pot roasting a whole chicken with rosemary, bacon and garlic, and even some beer?! If you'd like to try this for yourself, we'll be giving away 8 x bottles very soon!

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Black Forest Brownies

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Not just your regular brownie. These are Black Forest Brownies with added jam!

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Yummy Chocolate Brownies

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I've tried several brownie recipes in my time, but this one is the best so far - it's based on an original recipe by Jamie Oliver. It's really easy to make and the brownies taste great by themselves or with ice cream or cream.

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Italian Sausage Stew

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This great stew is quick and easy to make. You can get in the door, chuck it all in one pot in 30 minutes, sit down with a glass of wine...

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Easy Peasy Beef Stew

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An ideal recipe if you have a pressure cooker, or you can cook for 2-3 hours in a stock pot. A great stew to complement the cold wet weather.

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Triple Chocolate Brownies

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Chocolate brownies are one of the all time comfort foods. There's not many ways to make them better, apart from making a triple chocolate brownie! Delicious, sweet, chocolatey heaven.

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Easy Okonomiyaki

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An easy recipe for Osaka-style Okonomiyaki, which is basically a Japanese omelette, but much tastier. The taste is pretty similar to the classic Okonomiyaki, and very much open to experimentation. You could add different meats, prawns, or make it Vegetarian.

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Lily’s Fairtrade Devil’s Food Ale Cakes

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Lily's Fairtrade Devil's Food Ale Cakes are delicious and unusual cupcakes, created especially for the Fairtrade fortnight by cupcake queen Lily Vanilli. They're so tasty that you’ll want to bake them all year round, but I think they taste even better during Fairtrade Fortnight!

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Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

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A receipe for Mediterranean Vegetable Flan with peppers, aubergine and courgette. The non Vegans can top with goats cheese, as an extra special treat! Also contains a recipe for the pastry case.

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