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Chinese pork dumplings

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Chinese pork dumplings, aka Potstickers, are an essential part of Dim sum, and really easy to cook at home. They taste really fresh and juicy, and you can experiment with your own filling. If you somehow manage not to eat all the ones you make, they also freeze really well.

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Spicy chicken stir fry

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I went through a phase of cooking a lot of stir frys, and this one sticks in my memory as one of the best. It's also the first recipe I ever wrote down, ready to publish in the FFFY recipe book. Kids seem to like it, and it's a good way of sneaking in some vegetables!

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Easy stir fry

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This is a really easy stir-fry recipe that's best served with rice or noodles. The best thing is you can substitute any of the veg you don't like, with ones you do!

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