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Gousto Chicken

Gousto Review

So, we’ve tried some meal delivery services recently and are intrigued by the concept. As two people who work close to home (and in Laura’s case, often in the home), have the time to make a home cooked meal most nights and enjoy putting meals together, the thought of outsourcing it is kinda strange. Why would we buy a service that we can do ourselves? But, Laura can remember a time when she worked in London and was regularly working late, had a long commute and strolled in through the door at 9pm. And we both know that some nights of the week are so hectic that we reach for a takeaway. For people busier than us, and there are lots of ‘em, it makes absolute sense to investigate a healthy food delivery service to fill that need. Think of it as a more precise veg box system, with less wastage.

Gousto is a company that sends you all the food you need to cook a meal, measured out in exact quantities, plus the recipe, to make home cooking really simple. You just log in to the website, select a box (£42/week for a couple, £67/week for a family) and it will be delivered with everything you need, plus recipes.

In order to take Gousto for a test drive we selected a couple of meals for two from their website, which is as easy as picking from a menu. The great thing is the recipes change on a weekly basis, so there’s always something new to try. Difficulty (1-3), calories, origin and prep time, as well photos of the ingredients are all on display to make decision making easier. Another nice touch is some guidance on how soon after delivery you need to eat the food – anything that helps reduce waste gets a tick from us.

Gousto website

We plumped for Chicken Legs in Saffron Sauce and Vegetables and Goats Cheese. They deliver to London on a Tuesday between 1pm and 6pm and nationwide on a Wednesday from 9am to 6pm. Best of all, delivery doesn’t cost a dime and you can add extra notes telling the driver where to leave your goodies.

The packaging is as we’ve come to expect – a sturdy box, protective wrap and ice packs. Ingredients are clearly marked so you can see which meal they’re for and full colour recipe cards are included. All you need to do is cook!

Gousto Chicken

Both recipes were very easy to prepare and cook within an hour, which is credit to the instructions and measuring of the ingredients. The Chicken Legs in Saffron sauce was creamy and tasty and not at all greasy, giving signs that the meat is good quality. Very quick to throw together, so perfect for a meal after a long day at work.

Gousto Bulgar Wheat

The Vegetables and Goats Cheese was served with Bulgar Wheat and perfect for a sunny evening in the garden. Like the chicken it was quick to prepare and tasted good and healthy.

While we enjoyed the process and liked the food we had cooked, it’s probably not the right service for us right now. It’s good for food wastage issues (hello – we throw out so much kale from our veg box) but the recipes we had chosen (hands up: our fault) weren’t exciting enough for us. But should our lives get so busy that we haven’t time for meal planning ourselves, it’s a neat step up from the veg box and beats a boring supermarket shop.

For more information, please visit gousto.co.uk.

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