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Foodelity review

We’re big fans of getting our food delivered by services such as Riverford, Farmison and Farmer’s Choice. For us, it’s a great way to force some inspiration, create new recipes and stay in season. The problem is, there’s always ingredients we’re missing, so an inevitable trip to the shops to buy a few more things is always on the cards. It’s even worse when there’s the added pressure of planning for a dinner party with friends.

This is where Foodelity can help, as they promise to deliver you all the ingredients you’ll need for a successful dinner party. All you have to do is choose the courses you’d like to cook from their website, and they take care of the rest, including supplying the recipes. To test it out I cleared my wife’s Friday night calendar and planned a special dinner for two.

The website is divided into the areas you’d expect – Starters, Mains, Desserts and Cheese plus a few suggestions of complete meals like Barbecue Feast, Busy Bees (a 3 course meal you can cook in under 90 minutes), Come Dine with Us and Sunday Lunch. An extra helping hand is also offered with some suggestions for a nice bottle of wine to go with each of your courses, which they can also deliver.

Foodelity Box

For our meal I chose a starter of pan seared king scallops with pea puree and balsamic reduction and a main of sirloin steak, chips and Bearnaise sauce. For dessert, a chocolate and orange fondant – like the ones that always fail on Masterchef! This came to £47.70 and delivery was free, due to the order being over £30.

The ingredients come in a well padded box with enough protection and ice blocks to ensure everything is safe and cool. To keep things simple, a coloured sticker is stuck to every ingredient so you know what course it’s for, which also matches up with the recipe cards, which is a nice touch.

Foodelity Starter Recipe

The recipe cards themselves are clearly written, stating the Difficulty (which you can also see on the website), Prep and Cooking Time, Equipment and photos of the ingredients. This theme continues on the other side of the card, where step by step instructions and photos will guide you through the process of cooking your meal.

An oversight is that there was no guidance on which ingredient to prepare and cook first, which could lead to some embarrassing dinner party moments where the chef spends all their time in the kitchen! However, Foodelity say they have already included additional guidance on this, following reviewer feedback. Regardless, if you can cook something like a roast dinner, you should be able to get your head around the timing.

Quality of the ingredients is top notch. The scallops looked and smelt fresh, the steak was a lovely colour with thin threads of fat running through the meat. Even the dark chocolate looked great, according to my wife (she’s an expert).

Foodelity Scallops Starter

As you can see from the photo above, the scallops turned out pretty similar to their photo, which is testament to the instructions that Foodelity have included their recipe cards (and my awesome kitchen skills). The same can be said for the steak, which was juicy, delicious and melt in the mouth. As for the chocolate fondants, they turned out just right, with oozy centers and a tangy orange sauce that complimented them perfectly.

Foodelity Steak

The question is, would we recommend ordering from Foodelity? The answer is definitely yes. The quality of the website, packaging, ingredients and recipes all added up to something that made us feel like we were eating something a bit special. It was also easy to cook, even if I had to call in my other half for some help with the chocolate fondants.

Foodelity Fondant

For everyday food, we would say Foodelity are a little expensive, but it’s easy to see why. If you’re planning on cooking for a special occasion or dinner party though, they should be top of your list, as you’re in for a treat.

For more information visit foodelity.com.

In the interest of remaining transparent, we would like you to know that we were supplied with a free Ultimate Dinner for 2, in order to write our Foodelity review. This job has to have its perks!

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    Laura Hall

    1 month ago

    Being completely honest, I thought this was an amazing service. It’s particularly good for people like us who have small children and don’t always have the energy and money to eat out in a restaurant (with the associated costs of a babysitter and taxis). I loved it – and will order through them again for a special meal later in the year.

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