Trail Mix

Homemade trail mix

I have to confess that I never buy trail mix from the shop. It’s so expensive! But I’ve worked out this great way to make trail mix at home, so we all get enough vitamins and minerals from the nuts and seeds.

Nature's Path Granola

We love it – it formed part of a plane picnic earlier this summer and I now make and store a jar of it in the kitchen so Olivia can have some in her packed lunch and I can have it as a snack instead of something more unhealthy. I get all the nuts and seeds from Lidl as they are really good value there, and I should say that this recipe is inspired by the Whole Foods app that Olivia plays with on the iPad.

  • 200g bag of mixed nuts
  • 100g mixed seeds – pumpkin, sesame and pine nuts is especially good
  • 100g chocolate buttons or chopped up chocolate
  • 3 handfuls of raisins or sultanas
  • 2 handfuls of muesli or granola. We used Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free variety

Lightly toast the seeds in a hot ungreased pan on the stove. It takes about 5 minutes, watch and toss them regularly.

Pour all the other ingredients into a bowl and mix up. Add the seeds while they’re hot (don’t burn yourself) and mix together. The heat from the seeds makes the chocolate melt. Stir to make sure the chocolate coats as much as possible in the bowl, then leave to cool. 

Decant into a jar or bowl and store somewhere cool. When you eat it, the seeds have just the right amount of chocolate on them to make it a sweet tasty treat – but it’s good for you too.

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