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No.3 Dry London Gin

No3 Dry London Gin

This new brand of gin is really something special: not only has it been created as the perfect gin for a Dry Martini, but it was also developed with Dr David Clutton, one of the world authorities in gin (this man has a PhD relating to gin production – the best PhD on record, we think) for Berry Brothers & Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchants. While we love Gordon’s for an everyday G&T, this gin, which comes in a beautiful bottle, is the best we’ve tried by a long chalk. It’s really something special. Delivered hand wrapped in paper, it has a cork rather than a screw top, and makes a wonderful noise when it opens (try the sound file above to hear it). It’s a blend of six botanicals and has a strong juniper hit.

They have kindly shared three gin-based cocktail recipes with us – we hope you enjoy them. To find out more about No.3 Dry London Gin, visit www.no3gin.com. It’s available in Selfridges, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and the best bars in the UK and costs £33.99 per bottle.

Three Gin Cocktails


  • 1tsp Extra Dry Vermouth
  • 85ml No.3 Gin
  • 1 Lemon

Method: Pour the Extra Dry Vermouth into a frozen Martini glass and coat in a circular motion.

Top up the glass with ice cold No.3 Gin.

Pare the rind of a lemon and give it a twist to extract the oils into the glass.



  • 35ml No.3 Gin
  • 35ml Red Vermouth
  • 35ml Campari Bitters
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Orange

Method: Mix all the liquid contents together in a heavy-bottomed tumbler with ice. Stir.

Add a slice of orange and lemon to decorate.



  • 50ml No.3 London Dry Gin
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml elderflower liqueur
  • 100ml English sparkling wine


Shake all ingredients, bar the English sparkling wine, with ice in a cocktail shaker.

Then, strain over the chilled sparkling wine. Garnish with a single raspberry.


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