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Baker Days


Cakes by post is a great idea. We’ve trialled brownies by post in the past and I know of a few companies offering biscuits by post, so when Baker Days got in touch to find out if we’d review their service we were happy to help.

This company makes and sends out personalised cakes to anywhere in the UK with over 300 designs to choose from, and posts them in packaging that fits through your letterbox. I know what you’re thinking: it might get through your letterbox, but what does it look like when you open it up: a completely crushed mess? Thankfully, no.


We trialled one of their cakes for Olivia’s birthday and it arrived in a small tin box wrapped in cellophane. It was a small round Madeira sponge cake – enough for three adult slices but no more – and covered in roll out icing that had a printed picture of an owl and the words Happy Birthday Olivia on it. Cute, actually, and much more accomplished than the hedgehog cake I had made her, and it also came with a card, a tooter (is that what they’re called?) and some candles, so we could make it a proper celebration. Olivia, after extensive practising with her granny, blew out her two candles really well too. The cake tasted great – not far off from the sort of birthday cake you can buy in the supermarket – and due to its reduced letterbox size, didn’t have a filling, just cake and royal icing.


Now, we’re keen to emphasise that they aren’t a substitute for baking your own birthday cake – we have plenty of celebratory cake recipes on this site for you to try, of course – but if you’ve got a friend somewhere else in the country and want to surprise them with a birthday cake because you can’t make it to their party, or want to send a good luck cake, or congratulations cake or almost any other sort of cake, they are a great idea. They aren’t gourmet, artisan-made cakes, but they are pretty and taste good too. Cakes start at £14.99 including delivery, which isn’t too bad and I think that if you’ve got a relative or friend celebrating exam results this summer, they’d be a good idea for a present by post.

They also do larger party cakes with 16+ portions, all by post, which you can personalise (but they don’t fit through the letterbox).

For more information, to design your own cake or choose from the designs already on offer, visit bakerdays.com

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  • I read about these cakes by post from another foodie blogger last week and thought it was a smashing idea. Of course, baking one is still best but if you have a friend or relative faraway this would be a really thoughtful gesture.

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