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Good Heavens! drinking yoghurts (and lollipops)

The Good Heavens! drinking chocolate range

Little probiotic yoghurt drinks are big business, with brands like Yakult and Actimel promising to benefit our lives and digestion like never before. I’ve not bought into it myself, always opting for flavour over improving my gut!

So, it was refreshing to be contacted by a boutique dairy who, with over 20 years experience, are producing their own range of drinking yoghurts. These are all about interesting flavours, and just happen to be probiotic and (mostly) low fat as well.

For fruit lovers, there’s Luscious Strawberry, Succulent Blackcurrant, Refreshing Apple and Pear, Mellow Banana and the exotic Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit. Those looking for different taste sensations should try Intense Tiramisu, Indulgent Salted Caramel, or the unique Fine Sicilian Lemon & Poppy Seed. For a simple, sweet, creamy flavour, there’s also Smooth Vanilla. My personal favourite was the new Indulgent Salted Caramel!

Zoku Quick Pop

The only problem I found with them, was that they don’t last long enough as are only available in petite 250ml bottles. To get around this we made the most of our Zoku Quick Pop and turned them into tasty lollipops that last for ages! No Zoku? Just pour the yoghurt into some lollipop moulds and cool in the freezer. Now all we need is some sun!

Good Heavens! drinking yoghurts come in 6 non-organic and 4 organic flavours, with RRPs of £1.69/£2.10 respectively. They’re available to buy in Tesco Express, Harrods and the British Museum, as well as other retailers. To find your closest stockist, click here.

For more information about Good Heavens! visit good-heavens.co.uk

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    Quality Kitchen Goods

    4 months ago

    My kids and I love yoghurt! And unlike you, we happen to fancy Yakult too. But we have yet to try these Good Heavens! drinking yoghurts. Also, I really have to get one of those Zoku Quick Pop especially now that it’s summer. The kids are going to love them.

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