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We try a cookery course via Living Social

Table of ingredients

The table of ingredients - how many eggs?!

One of the things I love about cooking, is it’s a never ending learning experience with new tastes and techniques around every corner. No matter how much I read and experiment, there’s always huge areas of cooking I’ve not even tried.

One way of improving is by going on a cookery course, which is what Living Social invited me on a few weeks ago. As it was Bristol’s very own Devilled Egg, which I already know to be a well regarded establishment, I jumped at the chance and took my mate Andrew along for the ride.


A few days before I get a tweet from @DevilledeggKA saying “you guys are in for a serious treat tomorrow… Please come hungry!”, which only adds to the excitement.

We arrive at a beautiful Georgian house in Clifton and are seated in a dining room where we’re told we’ll be making white bread, soda bread, scotch eggs, eggs benedict and scrambled egg filled shoe buns. Sounds amazing, despite me having eggs for breakfast. Oops!

Kneading dough

Kneading very sticky dough - it's how it should be!

We’re given aprons and led to the kitchen where a table is stacked with fresh eggs, bowls, scales and an iPad full of recipes for us to follow. What I mistakenly think is a trendy record player turns out to be a portable induction hob. Luckily I managed to keep that to myself…

During the 3 hour lesson it’s clear that Barbora knows her stuff as she shares countless tips on kneading bread, making hollandaise in a Magimix, how to cook the perfect poached egg and a trick to for a runny scotch egg centre! I even throw in a few questions of my own to try and catch her out, but it’s never going to happen.

Making scotch eggs

Coating the scotch eggs in crispy panko breadcrumbs

Finishing touches are made to our eggs benedict and we take our hungry selves to the dining room. A few last minute photos and it’s time to dig in, while Barbora deep fries the Panko coated scotch eggs and fills the choux buns.

The Devilled Egg offers practical cookery courses, as well as custom made lessons to suit you. With a new kitchen in the making, where Barbora is hoping to use iPads for all of the recipes, this is a forward thinking cookery school with a difference. Did I mention they also offer virtual cookery school video courses?

Eggs Benedict

Soft white buns, perfectly cooked eggs and creamy hollandaise

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