How to decorate cakes like a professional

First of all, I should make it clear that I’m not a professional cake decorator, I’m just your average mum who likes to make cakes and decorates them in a haphazard, usually wonky way. But I like doing it. I was sent some samples of a fantastic new product called Cocoform which you can use to decorate cakes with, and I thought I’d share my experience with you.

You can see from the pictures what I’ve done – the cocoform is the chocolate coloured icing on the top that I’ve formed into flowers. It has to be kept chilled but otherwise is like a sort of pliable, edible plasticine, and comes in both mint and orange chocolate flavours. Following a quick website tutorial, I learned how to make a rose (this example is my first attempt, which isn’t perfect but isn’t bad either) and worked with it to make the other flowers, using cutters. I’m sure more creative people could come up with inspirational ways to use it – I sort of ran low on ideas and couldn’t find enough examples to try out from their website, but will certainly revisit it.


The tutorial on rosemaking is here:

What I really love is that this website sells everything, and I mean everything, to do with decorating cakes. I’ve been wanting to make Lorraine Pascal’s incredible ‘I can’t believe you made that’ cake (have a look at it here) for ages, but didn’t know where you could get the chocolate cigarillos – you can get them at Squires.


For anyone making cakes, it’s a fab resource, with sugarcraft ideas and roses that look so real you won’t believe it. Modelling cocoform on their website starts at £5.50 and is certainly easier and less sticky to mould with than royal icing, and a lot more professional looking. All you need, then, is a good imagination, cool hands and plenty of time!

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