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Farmison review

Farmison review

As a foodie, the thought of getting food delivered can be a hard one to swallow. There’s no asking a butcher what’s good today, and squeezing fruit or smelling of cheese isn’t possible through a monitor. Without this sensory experience you’re left relying on some product shots and a mouse.

But Farmison makes up for it. It’s a food delivery service with a difference: it has a strong pedigree as a supplier to top restaurants like The Fat Duck, and its website has seasonal tips and recipes from Michelin-starred chefs.

Farmison lamb

Their website is easy to use and benefits from some great recipes, book suggestions and articles such as “Is Eating Red Meat Good For You?”. To top it off the photography and layout of the site makes up for the fact you’re not there in person, and if you really feel like talking food there’s a community of like-minded people to interact with. It promises to be a cut above the rest,  so we ordered a Sunday roast to try it out.

Two big boxes arrive on our doorstep and inside we find produce individually wrapped, lazing on a bed of fresh-smelling shredded wood. To keep everything safe and cool, further protection is provided by insulating wrap and ice packs.

We were sent a huge leg of lamb plus everything we need for a blow-out roast dinner – potatoes, parsnips, red cabbage, rosemary, and carrots. Apparently regular mint sauce doesn’t cut it either, as included are two jars of mint “jelly”. First impressions are ones of quality and something a bit special. There’s a lot of it too, so we’re going to need some friends to help test it out.

Farmison potatoes

After following Hugh FW’s recipe for weeping lamb, where you roast it directly on the shelf above the vegetables, the feast is ready and we all sit down to tuck in.

Although I have to take some credit for some fine cooking, the produce really was top quality. The lamb was tender and juicy, although a little bit rare in the middle (oops) and was enjoyed by all guests, including some mini gourmands (Olivia and Rebecca). Potatoes were crispy with fluffy middles and a creamy taste, and parsnips were sweet with crunchy and chewy bits. The additional mint jelly also added a bit of class to a lovely meal.

We’re very impressed with what Farmison is offering. Whether you’re trying to get your hands on some top quality British meat, vegetables or some fruit from artisan producers, you’ll get something special from Farmison. This does come at a premium price, but I feel it represents the quality of the items you’ll receive. They are missing a trick by not including any recipes with the order, but I’m hoping this was just a one-off with our review box.

To see a full range of produce and prices, visit farmison.com. As a guide, a leg of lamb costs from £16.90 per kilo. If you’ve used Farmison before, let us know what you thought in the comments!

In the interest of transparency, we’d like you to know that Farmison supplied us with a free “roast in a box”. However, this review is a true representation of how we feel.

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