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Dairy deliveries – from Riverford

Organic MilkWe’ve already told you about how great Riverford are, and how much we enjoyed their fresh tasty vegetables (apart from that lone turnip that didn’t fare so well), but did you know that they do dairy too?

We recently tried out a box of their dairy delights and can report back that it was fantastic. In it we had a super creamy organic milk selection, two types of yoghurt, clotted and double cream and butter.

The milk is non homogenised and tastes really different and much more creamy than normal milk. All that it means is that the fat globules in the milk aren’t broken down like normal. Apparently it’s a cosmetic procedure that most dairies use to make the milk look nicer and more consistent; for me it felt like more honest milk, and you have to shake it to make it even, but that’s no big deal. The natural yoghurt was lovely and creamy too, coinciding with us making an effort to spice up breakfasts and eat something new and healthy, and was so good that our little one now demands yoghurt at the end of every meal.

We were at a slight loss as to what to do with the clotted cream. Easy, you might say, make some scones and slather it on, but we’re trying to cut back on the cakes a little in preparation for a blow out at Easter, so thought we’d try something different. Here’s what we came up with – we used Solva’s awesome clotted cream ice cream recipe and can joyfully say that it’s amazing.

Riverford is currently running a competition to spend the day with their dairy herd and really find out where your milk is coming from. If you want to know more, click here.

Order your dairy products alongside a normal vegetable box via the Riverford online shop. The milk is 99p per litre and yoghurt is £1.59.

Lastly, to find out more about Riverford’s organic milk, or to join in on the discussion about why organic is better, visit¬†

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