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How to be healthy without even trying

Twinings Green TeaI’ve spent the last week going green. Not recycling and buying local food and all of that (I try to do that when I can), but switching from normal tea, which I drink about seven times a day, to green tea.

It is clear that it is good for you. Chinese people swear by its health properties, and clinical studies show that it reduces certain types of cancer. Its antioxidants are supposed to promote better circulation, weight loss, boost your immune system, lower cholesterol and even help with tooth decay.

It’s a tough gig for a tea addict, so I thought I’d share my tea drinking diary with you. If you want to try the challenge yourself, visit the Twinings online tea shop.

Day 1: It’s so cold in our house that anything hot is going to go down well. I note that green tea and cake isn’t the most natural combination. Hmm. Perhaps that’s why they say green tea promotes weight loss. I’ve started with Twinings’ green tea, peach and cherry blossom tea bags, and also have a mixed pack with green tea and pineapple and citrus and various other flavours to work through too.

Day 2: I’m really missing my morning tea. I’ve replaced every cup of tea I have in the day with green tea, but am keeping my one coffee a day so I don’t get a nasty headache. I don’t mind the flavour too much as long as the teabag isn’t in the cup for too long – that makes it really bitter.

Day 3: I’m now drinking plenty of small teacups of green tea throughout the day. I feel a bit like Lady Gaga, leaving a trail of tiny china teacups around the house.

Day 4: A stressful morning at toddlers club with Olivia. Instead of getting a Nescafe or normal tea in the break, I have brought my own green tea bag. I feel like I’m being a bit precious but I’m starting to really like the taste.

Day 5: Today is the first morning when I’m looking forward to green tea more than a normal cup of tea. I feel more refreshed from it, and more healthy.

Day 6: I’ve worked out that I like it best in a small cup with a saucer, when the teabag is in for about 30 seconds, and with purer green tea leaves, without too many flavour distractions. Gosh, listen to me! I’m now a green tea snob.

Day 7: This is the easiest way to be healthy without even trying. I can’t recommend making the switch enough: I feel better for it, I’m eating less junk food through the day (it doesn’t go well together), I feel refreshed and it tastes good. I’d encourage anyone to go green for a week – who knows, you might like it! Green tea is going to be part of my life from now on – I’m really glad I made the switch.

What do you think? Could you do the green tea challenge and make the switch? Let us know what you think…

The tea for this sponsored post was kindly provided by Twinings, where you can now buy tea online.

To find out more info visit the Twinings Facebook page.

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  1. Even I’ve started drinking green tea now and have come to like it!

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