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Farmer’s Choice – online butchers

Farmer's Choice Review

As the granddaughter of a butcher (EW Revett’s of Wickham Market, since you asked), I always feel a touch of shame when I buy meat pre-packed in the supermarket. Which I do, a lot, because we don’t have a local butcher with a white and red striped apron and sawdusted floor in this part of town. It means that we don’t have an opportunity for that kind of interaction that you get with a butcher, a chat about what’s fresh and local, advice on how to cook things and a whole display of speciality meats. And I think we don’t always get the best quality meat.

So when we were offered the chance to try Farmer’s Choice, an online butcher, we were glad to give it a whirl. This UK butchers shop has family values, an ‘ask your online butcher’ service and sells free range meat from the UK via the Internet. Meat is blast frozen and delivered in their own freezer vans, direct to your door.

Our winter braising pack  (£39.05) included diced beef, diced lamb, braising steak and pot roast, which neither of us had cooked before, and led to two months of culinary exploration and some very memorable meals.

Farmer's Choice Review

The advantage of buying a pack of meat rather than individual cuts is that it’s convenient, good value and you’ve got a freezerful of meat for whatever you fancy.

All the dishes we cooked using the meat from Farmer’s Choice were amazing. The meat is such good quality that it seems even I can do nothing wrong to it. Our lamb tagine was melt in the mouth, all the beef chunks in our stew were delicious and the pot roast we made for our friends Nick and Natalie was so good that Nick revealed that he normally doesn’t eat beef, but on this occasion couldn’t resist.

Farmer's Choice Review

It’s more expensive than the supermarket, but the results speak for themselves: we’re going to buy from them in the future.

Farmer’s Choice sells free range butchers meat: chicken, beef, pork, lamb and cod, all from the UK. Meat packs include free range taster packs for £49.75, family essentials packs for £68 and mini roast packs for £29.25. Delivery is free for orders over £25.

For details, see

Would you consider getting your meat delivered?

Are you making the most of the boom in online food delivery? Have we missed anything in our review? Let us know in the comments!

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