The Cookiepedia by Stacy Adimanto

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The Cookiepedia by Stacy Adimanto

I’m a fan of this new book from the land of the cookie, which brings a sweet feminine spin to the cookery book. Filled with 50 different types of cookie, from classics like Chocolate Chip Cookies, to trendy twists on classics like Green Tea Cookies and child pleasers like Animal Cookies, there’s plenty to choose from.

Cookiepedia Contents
I particularly love the design – great colours, very cool and sweet line illustrations throughout set the tone. There are photos too so you know what to aim for (the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ cookies don’t fare well in the photos though) and every recipe has a little lined space where you can write notes. There are also a few suggestions per recipe on how to adapt and change the recipe with different ingredients, so I guess you’re really getting something like 150 recipes in one book.

Cookiepedia Notes

The American cup is the key unit of measurement here. I’ll tell you now so you don’t waste time like I did – just buy a cup and go that way. In fact, in the UK they should be selling this book with a cup because it’s just too annoying to keep working out the conversion. The publishers have put a conversion table in the inside back and front covers, but they only work for liquids and as a cup of flour is different to a cup of sugar, it’s not easily convertible. Ah well.

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I made some Lemon Chewies and took them to work as a present for a friend. She passed them round everyone…and they loved them! These biscuits were easy to make and have lemon, honey and salt in them. They are a light sand coloured biscuit with a white icing sugar drizzle and look really nice. The only change I’d make to the recipe would be to add that the mixture is a bit runny and the best way to make even cookies is to put the mix into some clingfilm and roll it till it’s a tube. Then refrigerate until it’s solid and cut into even rings. Thank goodness there’s a notes section so I can add this in!

Cookiepedia Choc Chip

We’re sending a copy to our great baking friend Tori Stokes and hope she will add some comments about how she’s found it too. But in general, we love the look of it, it’s easy to use (if you have a US measuring cup) and there’s plenty of variety. We’d recommend it as a lovely present for a friend who likes baking.

The Cookiepedia by Stacy Adimanto is published by Quirk books at £11.99. It’s available in the UK from 6 September 2010, and you can order it via the foodforfriendsyeah shop!

The Good: The doodles, layout and excellent ABC of cookie baking
The Bad: The Americanisms, from ‘powdered sugar’ (icing sugar) to ‘kosher salt’ (?). But it’s from the land of the cookie so what did I expect?

Reviewed on 2010-08-18 by Laura

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