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Saucy Fish

Saucy Fish is sold exclusively at Tesco and it wasn’t something I had noticed before a tip off, as we normally buy from the fish counter. As you’ll see from the photos, the packaging is well designed, showing off a nice piece of fish and a window through to the all important sauce.

The Salmon Fillet with Chilli, Lime & Ginger Dressing was a lovely fillet of fresh fish, with no bones and the skin still on – ideal for crisping up in a frying pan.

On the packet there’s a rough guide to cooking the fish with no suggestions of what to have with it, which was fine with me. I found the stated 10-15 mins pan-frying time to be a little long, so cooked it quicker in butter and olive oil and served with very simple coriander and basil noodles. The sauce is included in a little plastic bag that you pop in a cup of boiling water for one minute to warm up, before drizzling over the fish.

The fish was moist and delicious and the hot and fiery chilli sauce matched perfectly. In fact, it’s a recipe I’ve used before with sweet chilli sauce bought from a supermarket?!

That left me weighing up if I was actually getting anything extra when I could make it myself. However, after doing a quick price check on Tesco online (to be fair) you can buy salmon without sauce for around the same price, so there’s nothing to lose by buying the Saucy Fish and knowing that it’s good quality and has the added bonus of a sauce – the fish is also responsibly sourced.


To add a further taste test I purchased the Smoked Haddock Fillet with Mustard and Dill Vinaigrette. Again, a nice piece of fish, and more importantly a more adventurous sauce to go with it. Ignoring the instructions I opted to pan-fry again, eager to keep an eye on that crispy skin. To serve, a simple creamy mash, marmalade glazed carrots and peas. The sauce is heated the same way and drizzled on top.

The mustard and dill vinaigrette was something a bit special. Mouth watering and full of clean flavours, matching perfectly with the smokiness of the fish. It left me wondering why I hadn’t tried making this sauce before!


Good quality responsibly sourced fish with a well matched sauce. Being someone who loves to cook I like being trusted to prepare my own veg, but wish that more sauce was included in the packets, as they’re a little small. Both the Salmon and Haddock I tested were £4 each, which for the salmon is a good deal but you could get haddock for less. However, that sauce goes so well with it, you should try it anyway.

Saucy Fish also sell just sauces if you want them. Teriyaki, Fish Pie and Hollandaise, to name a few. If you’re after something a little different there’s also fish cakes, which I’ve not tried myself but they did look plump and generous.

If you’re looking to get your fish fix, and bridge the gap between cooking something from scratch and your full on ready meal then Saucy Fish are offering a tasty alternative that I would recommend trying.

Check out their website at http://www.thesaucyfishco.com/ to find the full range and other information.

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    5 months ago

    I’d also add that these days, what with us being time-pressured parents, meals in minutes are at the top of our shopping list. We’d never buy microwave or freezer meals but if we can find something healthy that cooks quickly we go for it. These hit the mark perfectly!

  • I have had two of their fish and have some more in the freezer to try.

    Am quite impressed so far.

    • Reply


      5 months ago

      Hi Helen – Initially I didn’t know what their selling point was, but after trying the fish, I was also impressed with the quality and the sauce.

      I’m sure that you, like me, enjoy having the pleasure of thinking what to have with it, rather than Saucy providing everything?!

      I think the fish cakes will be the next thing we’ll try :)

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    5 months ago

    This sounds delicious, will definitely pick up some…if only for the cute packaging!
    Just found this website…am loving it!

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