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The Cookery School review

Cookery School Seafood

Glassford St, Glasgow, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1UB
t: 0141 552 5239

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I spend more time than is healthy dreaming about leaving my job and going back to school, learning all the skills needed to become a perfect pastry chef, and then setting up my own bakery from which I will sell exquisite and award-winning cakes and pastries with queues around the block.

It’s an idealized vision for sure, but with a prevalence of cookery schools around, improving your skills is easier than ever before. (I’m a bit obsessed with the Ballymaloe professional cooking course that costs €10,295 and runs for three months, but I do live in a dreamland a lot of the time!)

Our friend Danny (danmal) got a much more manageable day-long Thai cookery course at the Cookery School in Glasgow as a birthday present and loved it.

“Having reached the dreaded age of 40, my wife wanted to buy me something to cheer me up and help me forget,” he said. “Well, I have to commend her on her choice of a day at the cookery school in Glasgow (

“I have been trying to improve my cooking skills for a few months now but I was really looking forward to the courses that were on this menu.”

Hot and Sour Soup

He spent the day cooking hot and sour soup, prawn and sesame toast, Thai green chicken curry, basmati rice, baked julienne of red pepper and mushrooms with ginger and soy, finished off with caramelized pineapple, under the watchful eyes of Maddy Wotherspoon and head chef Danny McArdle.

“We were all supplied with an apron, each person had their own workspace with stove, chopping board, knives, cooking oil and seasonings. We gathered around Danny and watched him prepare the ingredients for the course, listening to some of his tips and how best to complete it.

Sesame Prawn Toast

“Once taught, we all returned to our benches where Maddy had laid out some of the ingredients we would need, the rest we gathered from Danny’s bench. Now there is no better incentive than being told that what you cook, you eat, so everyone was being quite precise in what they were doing!”

Danny promises to add the recipes later to the blog, and offers a few choice pieces of advice he heard on the day:

“Danny [McArdle] placed an emphasis on preparation – ‘if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail’ and really helped with timing and working out what to cook first.

Thai Green Curry

“I can thoroughly recommend this for anyone wanting to try something new, or looking to buy someone a present. I know I will be looking to try some of the other courses myself!”

Danny’s day course was at on Glassford St, Glasgow. Classes cost from £29.50 for a lunchtime class to £399 for a five-day course. Book online or call 0141 552 5239.

- Have you been on a cookery course? Was it any good? Tell us about it!

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