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Graze Bar & Chophouse

Bath Ales: Graze Bar & Chophouse

63 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4JZ
t: (0117) 927670

Finding somewhere to go out for a team dinner isn’t easy. You’ve always got so many people to please so the food ends up being a compromise and nobody’s really happy. At least that’s what I thought. My colleague Colette had recommended Graze, by Bristol’s harbourside, because she’d heard great things about the food and friendly staff. Being a team of mainly steak-loving men, we found it hard to say no.

Graze is all about steak. As a chophouse they specialise in meat, with dishes like surf and turf, duck, gammon and beef, all in a relaxed atmosphere mainly serving post-work groups for drinks and dinner, plus the odd romantic couple. In central Bristol, just off Queen Square, it’s ideal for the after work crowd.

There’s a nice mix of starters to choose from, with bread and olives, terrine and soups, as well as more adventurous bites like angels on horseback. Finding it hard to resist a good terrine, I can say Graze’s is pretty good and made even better by some of the crispiest bacon I’ve ever eaten.

We ordered sirloins, rumps and gammon steaks, which came with a choice of five sauces and triple cooked chunky chips. We could have ordered veg, but didn’t. My main wasn’t huge but the chips were crispy on the outside with fluffy, soft centres and the steak was lovely and tender, cooked perfectly as ordered. I didn’t get enough sauce for my liking and should have asked for more.

Staff were good, attentive and you could watch the chefs in their open front kitchen putting care and attention into presentation. All of us were happy, all steaks came cooked to order, and price wise, it was at the top end of what I’d pay – £2.75 for chips and £10.95 or £15.95 for a rump or sirloin steak. I think we probably spent £25-£30 a head. We were all too full for puddings, which is a recommendation in itself, but there was a good range on the menu and the Bath Ales washed everything down nicely.

Overall, I wouldn’t go to Graze for a romantic dinner, (at least not just after work hours, as it’s all open plan with no smoochy places) but would definitely go back with my team or a group of friends for food and first night out drinks.

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  1. After going there on a Friday night, I have to say I am disapointed.
    Understaffed and overpriced for the quality they offer.
    I had angels on horseback for a starter, that was the highlight of the night as far as food goes. Very nice starter.
    Going later for a sirloin steak with port and some cheese sauce. Let me describe the steak, it was very small. The sauce, only covered the steak, there was some effort making sure it did not touch the plate, making it dry.
    Then when they brought chips(wedges), obviously freeze dry puree quality(some refried) they were using bowls for 2, so we had to share, however because some people did not sit according to the waitors wishes, they were left without chips in front. No remark was made in the lines of let me bring you a smaller bowl since you are isolated.
    Staff was “nice” as they could be, since there were only two waitors on the floor with a full house untill a 3rd one joined later.
    2 stars tops, do not recommend and will not go there for food again

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback Bruno. It sounds like you suffered from the same issues I had – small main and not enough sauce. I would hope they could sort this problem out! (and get some more staff!)

  2. I agree with Bruno. How can they make us share a small bowl of chips! I don’t remember potatoes being that expensive!

    Anyway, some of the lads ended filling-up in Subway. :-)

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