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Munchy Seeds

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I’ve never been a huge fan of nuts and seeds. Why eat something fiddly when you can eat something big? But when a consignment of Munchy Seeds turned up on our doorstep, I had a little rethink.

Coming in seven different varieties – we had the original, omega mix and munchy granola – they are a range of carefully blended and gently roasted seeds, some hot, some sweet and some savoury and all thoroughly healthy. The 250g tubs were spot on for us – they also come in 500g tubs – and we spent a week munching away at them. On the packet it suggests that you can sprinkle them on salads, eat them with yoghurt, put them in pasta and all sorts of other lovely combinations – I have to admit, we just ate them straight from the tub, they were that good. They’d also be fantastic on the top of some homebaked bread or thrown into a green salad. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it!

Munchy Omega

There’s a lovely back story to the company – the idea for Munchy Seeds started with the owner Lucinda’s granny in New Zealand. She devised a blend of seeds to offer her grandchildren rather than sweets (clever lady) and her grandmotherly love sparked a trend. Lucinda now lives in Suffolk and has developed the range further along a concept she calls ‘mindful munching’ – the idea is that you’re consciously eating something that’s good for you, rather than just shoving empty calories down your cakehole. As a sweetie jar offender myself, I can see why it worked (they beat a Marsbar hands down and you feel good about eating them), and I’m keen to order more in a bid to keep healthy and attempt to attack my post-baby weight without feeling like I’m missing out on my sweet treats.

Pumpkin seeds sachet

On the down side, although the granola was lovely, a 250g tub is only about enough for one or two breakfasts, and at £3.50 a pop, it’s a lot more expensive than a whole box of Weetabix. But the seeds themselves were fab – delicious, salty and moreish, healthy and full of all the right Omega complexes and essential fatty acids to keep your skin glowing and hair glossy. In fact, they make a great healthy beauty supplement to a diet – so maybe they really are perfect for birds like me.

Order Munchy Seeds online at

200g tubs cost £3.50 and 500g tubs cost £6.50. There’s also a delivery charge of £2.50 per order, unless your order tops £25, in which case it’s free.

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  1. Matt

    I would also like to add that I was really surprised at how tasty these seeds were – my fav was deffo the pumpkin seed mix. I’m a really big fan of peanuts, and I’d be happy for these to take their place any day…

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