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Hi, before you get started with this review, I thought you’d like to know that you can now try a graze box yourself, for free! Click here and you’ll be taken to their site where you can place your first order. I hope you enjoy the review and your tasty graze box!

We first reviewed the Graze box back in spring 2010 and are now updating our review thanks to various changes that have gone on. Thanks to everyone who has commented on the post – it’s been overwhelmingly positive, with some constructive notes too.

What is a graze box?

To quickly summarize, Graze boxes are small boxes of healthy snacks that can be delivered to home or work once or more a week. The whole idea is that it’s an alternative to snacking on muffins and cakes, and for those at work all day without much of a lunch hour or people who don’t live near a health food shop, they are an excellent idea. They are also good for lazy bums who can’t be bothered to go out and buy healthy snacks for themselves…


You can decide what to have in your box on an individual basis or have it chosen for you at random; you have the choice of two types. Nibble boxes include flapjacks, yoghurt-dipped cranberries and cracked black pepper cashews. They are slightly more fun and you can choose anything to go into them. They cost £3.49.

Nutrition boxes allow you to choose an Eat Well or Energy plan, both of which are contain foods full of vitamins and minerals and omega fats. Energy boxes are the strictest, with a selection including nuts, seeds and dried fruits while Eat Well boxes may include the occasional treat. They both also cost £3.49 and as with all boxes, you get four items per box.


We’ve tried the boxes on several occasions now, and nearly everything has been really tasty. I loved the Korean chilli rice crackers – they were amazing – and the fiery wasapeas. The olives were good but very messy and oily (not what you want all over your keyboard) and the fruit, nut and chocolate selections like the Jaffa cake (roasted hazels, orange-infused sultanas and dark chocolate buttons) are heavenly.


We’d complain that they aren’t easy to nibble on throughout the week – you just want to devour them there and then.

Now to your comments. Some people have called them overpriced, but I’m not so sure. For £3.49, a price that includes delivery, you get a selection of four high quality nibbles. You could go and buy a packet of crisps or a piece of fruit at lunchtime for less, sure, but that’s not what they’re offering. These are premium nibbles and you’d be hard pressed to put something together of this standard for a lot less. The other thing, of course, is that they are all about convenience. You don’t have to poke around health food shops to find healthy nibbles, they just come straight through your letter box. That convenience for us is worth the small amount extra.


Are they healthy? It’s all relative, isn’t it? Snacking isn’t healthy, to start with, but if you need an energy boost, these things are more nutritious than a Mars bar. If you are chowing through boxes of flapjack and chocolate and dried fruit, you’re probably not looking after yourself as well as if you were choosing nuts and seeds. But the whole thing about this website and the way you build your own box is that it’s your call. It’s as healthy as you want it to be.

On their site they are offering the first box half price but if you go through our website you’ll get the first free – just use the button to the right. You can cancel at any time so why not try it for yourself? Every time you get an order, you get four tokens so some of your friends can get a free box too.



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  1. I’ve heard of this and was intruiged – thanks for clarifying! It sounds amazing! All three of the snacks left my mouth watering…I’d best nip to that vending machine…err I mean fruit bowl! :-P

    But seriously, I’ve worked in an office and I know how tempting sweet treats are throughout the day – dips in sugar level seem to come more regularly when you’re not moving around and interacting with people, and the temptation of the office snack station often gets a little too much. A great idea, and I hope the company finds success.

    I’d absolutely love love love to try it, if you don’t mind sparing a promotional code!

    • Agreed – I also hope they do well as I was pretty impressed with the whole setup.

      I’ll send you a code later today!

  2. This sounds yummy (and very healthy!) Thanks for the tips Matt..and yes, I’d love one of your free promo codes ;)

    • No problem! I’ll send you a code later today!

      (only 1 left now people! Remeber your first box is half price anyway)

  3. I really like these – I’ve tried them before, but can’t justify spending that much money per week on them as I really ought to be able to put them together myself. One of the problems with working from home is that you have a fridge at your disposal and no excuses for not eating healthily! But if I worked in an office, this would beat my regular 11am chocolate fix and it looks really cool so it’s brilliant.

    Question though: do you really think that this box would last all week, or would you end up scoffing it in one day? I reckon I’d need at least one a day (but I am eating for two, I suppose).

    • They are pretty hard not to eat all at once, as they’re very moreish.

      If only eaten at snack times during the day you may get away with one a week, or maybe two.

      For people who have to buy their lunch every day you wouldn’t have to spend so much on choccy bars and other unhealthy things, and could instead use some of the money on a Graze box?!

      Not that I’ve tested this, but I would have thought as you’re getting a lot of things you need from the box, you may not get the cravings for other things? I shall have to test and find out!

  4. Sounds good to me, I can’t imagine it lasting a week but am willing to give it a go, esp with the ice cream man taking a permenant pitch a stones throw from the house.

  5. I actually have been using Graze for quite a while now and have got a lot of my collegues into them too.

    I find them great value especially due to the variety you get in each box and if you keep in mind that the cost of one is the same as the cost of a small bag of nuts then Bob’s your uncle!

  6. Graze sounds amazing, I can’t wait to try it! Xx

  7. Here’s a code to get your first box free and your next one half price. LQ7GBVV
    Make sure to type it into the promotional section :)
    I signed up a few weeks ago with the free box and found them very good. It’s also easy to cancel online.
    Would definetely recommend

  8. I second everything already said.
    Assuming you keep the boxes for only snack times, and don’t give in to the moreish-ness, i reckon one a week would probably last.

    However, I’m getting two a week at the moment.
    Sure, that’s nearly £7 a week on snacks.
    But, when you consider how much it would cost you separately for healthy nibbles, it’s well worth it. I don’t find myself buying chocolate bars on the way home anymore, and i’m only grabbing a small pot of pasta, or sarnie for lunch. :)

    Definitely recommend. :D

  9. Orded my first box and looking forward to it arriving! If you enter G693KXMA into the promotional code box, you will get a free box and your second box half price

  10. Another code for getting your first box free and the second half price!


    They are really tasty!

    • Thanks for sharing your codes! I hope others can make use of them! :D

  11. Just started getting a Grazebox delivered, love it!

    Use code DQMD2PT3 to claim your free box :-)

  12. Hi all – unfortunately, fresh fruit is off the menu these days as they made up some rubbish about not getting consistent quality (more likely they hadn’t costed the fruit properly and it was too expensive). Shame, but they have replaced it with things like nommy flapjacks, dippy things (I’ve got dried mango and sweet chili salsa today) and mini brownies.

    • That is a shame about the fruit! I like the sound of the sweet chili salsa though!

  13. I tried these boxes and I must say the idea is great, but on the downside they are way overpriced and many of the items are laden with sugar and yeast!! also no whole grains are used, the products are just not as healthy as they make you believe, very disappointing.

  14. FYI We’ve just ordered another 3 x boxes and will be doing an updated review, taking all your comments into consiferation!

  15. Everyone in my workplace has gone mad for these graze boxes, you should see the excitement on everyones faces when they find out what treats they have in their box.

    Code Q82GPZ6 will give you your first and third boxes for free :-)

  16. not really worth it for the money — the amount of graze you get is also tiny which is probably why they market the product as healthy becausde you get so little of it.

  17. £3.49 a box would be good value if the portions weren’t so tiny. You get better far quality and value from the supermarket! Also, most of the product range consists of dried fruit, nuts and seeds – pretty dull considering the price you pay!

  18. Although for a small bag of nuts from a supermarket can be going on to £3 anyway. I think it’s a good idea.

  19. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment! We’re in the process of writing another review, and will be taking cost into consideration as a lot of you have raised the question!

  20. I’m a new Graze user who is enjoying their food so far. Another code for first & fifth box free: F81WTWNC

  21. Last 2 boxes have contained hard inedible matter. Anyone else had these problems? Graze are generous and understanding but I worry about my teeth!

  22. here is my promo code it gets u the first and 5th box free


    I am a student and find the work very well as i have them on my desk and get 1 a week on a Friday and do all my college work over the weekend with my graze box by my side.

    I do think they are a bit overpriced but the convenience and the fact that these kinda foods you cannot make yourself with ease as the combinations and the flavors would have been thought trough in great detail.

    My personal favorites would be the Florentine, vanilla seeds and the poppadoms with mango chutney all 3 i think are divine

    • Hi Emma,

      I’m glad you like the graze box, and thanks for sharing your code! We’re still putting a new review together which will cover how overpriced they really are, in comparison to what you can buy separately. It could be interesting!


  23. I got my first box today and really pleased with it! I look forward to hearing if they are really value for money. I think they probably are and definetely don’t think they are overpriced. Even if the portions are quite small, you wouldn’t normally be able to get the same variety at such a small cost. And it’s all really tasty :) Definetely worth a try.

    I’m not sure I agree that one box would last a week, I’m going to order 2 a week for the forseable future. I’ve gone through most of this box already (it is very yummy..), so although they don’t last I think they make a nice healthy treat.

    RB3YFP5 – will get you your first box free and your second box half price.

  24. Hi there. I have been getting Graze boxes for few months now and have to say, while they are nice tasty and exciting to receive, you do get bored of it. I used to down three of the four in one day, now they stay pretty much in my drawer the whole week.
    What I do now, I push back the delivery every other week so it does not get too much. And thinking about pushing back even more orders. But I still enjoy them. Altough, yes a new review will be very interesting, to see how much we are paying for such small amounts of goodies.
    Anyways, if anyone does not yet have their graze addiction – here is my code: 9XBWCZ4D

  25. I just ordered my first Graze box and I’m really excited to try it! I thought it’s free so I might aswell, and I may even continue getting them if I like it a lot.
    I chose the Nibblebox and I admit that mine probably won’t be the healthiest, but it will definitely be yummy. :)
    There are a huge selection of different things to choose from, and the “Bin/Try/Like/Love/Send Soon” system makes it really easy to be sure you won’t have anything you don’t like in your box.

    If anyone else would like to try one for free, here’s another code: 8FQPFDC

  26. I’ve been using graze for a couple of weeks and having their light box. I’m really enjoying them at the moment :)

  27. A friend of mine had a graze box and I was able to steal her bread and I fell in live with it. Just got mine today and I think its the starts of a new fruitful relationship! Mt promo code for a free box for anyone is RZHMZ4BD.
    Happy munching!

  28. For anybody whos interested a code for a free box is YUM8, I havent tried them yet though but will do now! :)

  29. i have just ordered my first one and it was amazing i used the free tv code “yum8″ and then my next one is half price, the good thing about the size that people seem to complain at is that it makes you think you have had more variety and mare snacks if you have a little of everything. the thing about the cost if you work in an office that people dont realise is that they are paying all day for coffe snacks and lunch, this in reality is an amazing deal.

    the other thing about the cost is that people dont realise that post and packaging goes into it, labour, advertising, workspace, buying of materials, storage and many more and they still give us great free offers and half prices, while still trying to make a profit

    and i dont know how many of you have tryed using royal mail 1st class delivery on packages like those but t=it can become really expensive… either way whatever graze gives me i love, especially the dips

  30. If anyone is interested in signing up, use this code to get your first box free: 15Y1M14

  31. hello, graze company seems really interesting but I would like to try the box for free as I am so much into nutrition and wonder if they’re up to that standard. Please, send me the code so that I can claim my first box for free.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Vera – there’s a link/button at the end of the review that allows you to claim your free box. Enjoy!

  32. Graze is great, I really recommend it! Here is a code to try your first box for free :) 2LX2DMT enjoy!!

  33. Just ordered my first box. Can not wait to receive it. £3 is actually cheap for what you are receiving and postage. A coffee in Starbucks can easily be more than this!


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