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Browns Bar & Brasserie

82-84 St Martins Lane, Covent Garden, London
t: 020 7497 5050

We first visited Browns in Covent Garden on New Years Eve and the place was packed, but we still managed to get a table for 2 in less than 15 minutes. We used the wait as an opportunity to try out their amazing array of cocktails and by the time we got our drinks, our number flashed on the screen and we were escorted to our table.

We noticed the ‘Martini Nights’ offer from Sunday to Thursday where all their Signature Cocktails are £3.50. We now religiously make use of this, as it’s a pretty neat deal.

I am a total sucker for cocktails and gin is my new found love. My dad is an ardent gin fan, my husband followed and now its me. So I was biased towards the gin cocktails and once I was done trying all that was available, I ventured on to the Cosmo’s and the Vodka based drinks.

The husband (TH) once ordered a Mango & Passion Fruit Julep which was full of crushed ice and whisky based (not a fan) whereas my Cucumber & Elderflower was smooth – again, gin based. TH decided it tasted like an Indian Cucumber salad because there were cucumber slices muddled and topped with the cocktail mix. I would say hes exaggerating. The Martini’s however were mind blowing.

The Berry & Pomegranate Martini (very berrylicious, and yes I ordered that) and TH’s Apple & Lychee were total crowd pullers, at least for us it was! But it was the Grapefruit Cosmo that did the trick for me. I’ve had Cosmopolitans at a lot of places and I kinda judge a place by the quality of the Cosmo there. So yeah, I think I like cocktails at Browns and they are very generous with the mix, unlike some other places (Adams Ribs in Picadilly Circus) where its diluted and not served cold.

On another one of our visits I tried their ‘Ruined Cosmopolitan,’ a dry, gin based interesting twist on the original and TH tried a very girly ‘Brown Eyes Blue’ which was intriguing with the blue colour and all. Quite embarrassing, I must add.

The ‘Moonlight Martini’, pear vodka with berry infusions and wine was brilliant, although TH said it was a tad too sweet for his liking. He decided to stick to Whisky Sour henceforth and it tastes different at different branches.

If you are into cocktails, I must say the Mon to Thurs deal at Browns is a must grab.

Food wise, I wasn’t too thrilled. It was not out-of-this-world and not much variety. Starters were a big disappointment, especially with the quantity. We paid close to £9 for exactly 3 scallops and risotto. The scallops were juicy and tasted brilliant, but for that amount, you’d seriously expect some more.

The Chicken and Chorizo Skewers tasted bland and a bit too smokey and again we got 3 skewers. Coming to mains, I once had the Guinea Fowl with a coq au vin sauce which was quite tasty and the portions were massive, but TH’s 28-day aged Rib Eye Steak was average and a bit overcooked. However, the ‘Chargrilled Haunch of Venison’ which he once tried was cooked to perfection and served with a semi sweet sauce.

Make a point to check out their ‘specials for the day’ board and you might end up being lucky and have a fancy Pork Belly with grain mustard and sweet potato mash or the Guinness Pie which they brag about!

For desserts you have very few choices and the only one we have tried is the Poached Pear with warm chocolate and chocolate ice cream, which was delightful. If you would rather have a dessert wine or espresso, they have that on offer as well.

I took a glance at their Brunch menu and there were a few interesting items there, like Eggs Benedict and Smoked Fish cakes. That is definitely on the charts the next time.

All in all Browns is a perfect place to take a guest out to dinner, or just catch up with your girlfriends for a drink after a hard days. Even better, take your significant other for brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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  1. I’ve always been tempted to try Browns myself but must have a well developed food radar, as something told me the food wouldn’t be up to much. Can’t really put my finger on why. I just got the impression that it was too big, ostentatious and a tad touristy or out-of-towny. The cocktails sound lovely. Have you tried Lab in Old Compton Street for cocktails. They are around the £9 mark but made with great fresh ingredients. It was an old favourite of mine but I think the bar staff have changed recently because last time I was there something wasn’t quite the same. Drinks menu still worth a look though. I hope they haven’t had their heyday already.

  2. Melanie..havent tried Lab..will definitely give that a go…

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