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Quick Chocolate Mousse

If you need a quick dessert this is it, you can refrigerate it but you don’t have to. It’s even quicker if you do what I do and stop before adding the sugar and egg white and put the mixture into little ramekins and call it Chocolate Pots!

Serves 8

  • 600ml double cream
  • 200g of broken-up dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
  • 2 large egg whites
  • 100g caster sugar

Bring 300ml of the double cream to boil, take away from the heat and add the broken-up dark chocolate. Beat together until all chocolate has melted.

Transfer mix to a bowl set over another bowl of iced water and the remaining double cream, and whip up into soft peaks.

(If you want to embellish the chocolate mixture with a couple of shots of strong coffee or cognac, or add Amaretto do that now.)

At this point, personally I would stop and eat this now, but if you want to make a mousse out of it beat up 2 large egg whites in a separate bowl until you have stiff peaks, pour in sugar gradually, beating all the while until you have soft meringue.

Fold this into the chocolate mix and either spoon a bit into little ramekins or glasses or just leave it in the bowl and eat as soon as you need to.

Tip: serve with some kind of biscuit like amaretti or scatter toasted, blanched almonds over.

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  1. OOh I wrote that down a bit quick , where it says (At this point you can add an extra flavouring if you wish.) I mean things like those listed after the next paragraph; coffee,cognac etc

    • Oh dear! I’ve just removed the whole line “(At this point you can add an extra flavouring if you wish.)”, as I think it makes the most sense?

      Let me know if you’re happy with that. If you are I’ll delete these comments! :)

      Thanks for adding the recipe by the way – loving your blog!!

  2. You have got me thinking, and ferreting through my handwritten recipe book for my favourite chocolate pot. I have found the name “Negrita” and a reference to The Cookery of England but it is not in the index and I am crestfallen. The additional flavour was Rum, as the name suggests, and I seem to remember the yolks of the eggs were added to the heated chocolate mixture which was then allowed to cool before adding whisked egg whites. There was no sugar. Thanks for spiking a little nostalgia and tempting me back to cooking with chocolate.

  3. good pastry

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