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Kick back with cake this weekend

Banana Cake recipe

The weekend is a time to relax and recuperate from a hectic week at work. If you’re anything like me then it’s also a perfect opportunity to do some serious home cooking. Last week I shared our top egg recipes in Enjoy eating eggs this weekend. This week I’d like to share our most brilliant cake recipes.

As you’ll see from the list below, our cakes come in many different variations, but they’re all equally as good to make on a lazy Sunday, then kick back and enjoy.

Cupcake cutie

Iced Cupcake

Laura’s the cupcake master, so if you’re after an easy recipe this one’s for you. Cupcakes are very cheap and quick to make and the recipe’s so simple you’ll have no problem coming up with your own variations and icing ideas.

Kat’s carrot cake

Carrot Cake recipe

If you like a bit more carrot in your cake, then Kat’s got the perfect recipe for you. It’s a classic homely recipe that she’s been making since she was a kid.

Amy’s Handa Island banana cake

Banana Cake recipe

Amy’s banana cake makes excellent use of those black and bruised bananas that always seem to be left in the fruit bowl. The cake is very easy to make and as an extra treat can be topped off with butter icing.

Caramel shortcake

Caramel Shortcake recipe

Danny’s recipe for caramel shortcake has been very popular in my house. I made two batches of it in a week, shared it with happy friends and am still planning on making more. It’s simple to make and impossible not to eat.

Rocky Horror Show rainbow cupcakes

Rocky Horror Show Rainbow Cupcakes

A recipe for crazy rainbow coloured cupcakes inspired by the Rocky Horror Show. Like the cupcake cutie recipe they’re an easy recipe to master and then add your own variations to.

Lime cheesecake

I’ve tried this recipe firsthand and it’s really delicious. Like many of Simon’s recipes, he likes to just chuck all the ingredients in, but they still end up tasting great!

Chocolate cupcakes

Last but not least, Laura’s sister Fozzy shares her own recipe for cupcakes, but tops them off with her special choccy yoggy icing! Yum!

Your recipes

I hope some of these recipes have inspired you to get baking this weekend and you enjoy your time off. If you have any of your own great cake recipes, please share them here!

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