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What do do with Xmas leftovers: The Revett Supper

My mum always makes twice as much food for our Xmas dinner. Who doesn’t? The thing is, she has a cunning plan for the leftovers, and I have to say, 90% of the time I prefer the meal she makes from that to the main event.

It’s called The Revett Supper. It came about because my mum’s dad, EW Revett (known as Rip), founded a butcher’s shop in Wickham Market, Suffolk, and ran it for many years before handing it on to my uncle. With a family background like that, of course my mum knows what to do with cold cuts of meat…and so the Revett Supper was born.

Here’s what you do: Take the cold meat (and it can be anything, ham, turkey, chicken, whatever you like) and serve it on a plate. Add peas with a little bit of butter, mashed potato, baked beans (I don’t like them but they are compulsory) plus a spoonful of picallili (the yellower the better) and some Branston pickle. If you’re doing a Xmas Revett Supper, it’s acceptable to have a spoonful of cranberry sauce on the side too.

Then eat it all up!

Matt doesn’t quite get it and is always trying to add things like a fancy chutney to the plate, but honestly, if you’ve got good meat in the first place you don’t need anything else. This dish plays off the hot and cold nicely, with piquant pickle and creamy mashed potato going down so well together. I could just eat one now…

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