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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Glass Walk, Cabot Circus, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3BQ
t: 0117 927 9997

A wet Friday rolls round and it’s a perfect opportunity to visit the local cinema, then cosy up in GBK for a tasty burger. The place is new, colourful and modern, styled like a New Zealand beach shack, only not as warm and doesn’t feel as laid back. I prefer big tables and comfy seats, not small tables and hard chairs. Wet people pass outside, read the menu, and walk on, as the cold air drafts through the door. Maybe Kiwi beach shacks are like this in winter?

GBK have nearly 30 burgers on the menu, so they’re sure to have you covered. You like Aberdeen Angus? Seven variations. Feel like some Cajun chicken, they have it, and it’s Halal. Don’t like meat, no worries. If you can’t find one you like, just build your own.

My eyes glaze over at the amount of choice. After an agonising ten minutes, I pick the Avocado Bacon Burger. Laura, on a semi-diet, goes for a kid-sized Junior Beef. With a side of fries costing a scorching £2.75, we decide to share. At the bar a cheeky sign reads “service charge not included”. Given that I’ve placed my order personally at the bar, it seems like I’ve done all the hard work so far. Perhaps I should give myself a tip.

First impressions are great. It’s not often you’re served a burger which really does look as good as the picture. The burger is well presented with a large hunk of Aberdeen Angus, tomatoes, bacon, guacamole and neatly folded lettuce. It’s held together with a lightly toasted sesame bun, and a wooden spear down the center. It’s mouthstretchingly large and I love it, although the garlic dip for the chips is enough to scare off all vampires in a 100-mile radius, and my girlfriend too…

So, on a rainy Friday night in a modern concrete shopping centre, is GBK really worth leaving the house for? Yes, if you really like burgers. They were faultless. No, if you like fine dining, comfy sofas, attentive staff and wallet-friendly prices – £11 is a lot for a burger and chips. Your best bet is to buy some burgers to take away, sidestepping the gruesome views and hard chairs and taking the best bit home with you.

We’ve been reliably informed that the GBK on Park St at least has a better view so that’s probably more fun.

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