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Lemon cake

Lemon loaf

I have to share – I just made the most magnificent cake EVER last night. It was from the recipe for Lemon Loaf on the Hummingbird Bakery website. Just go to the site and click on the The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook section and you’ll find it.

The cake is very light and the lemon sauce on the top is so sweet and sour at the same time, it’s amazing. I would add – it made enough to fill 2 loaf tins, so perhaps halving the recipe is a good idea. And also it might be nice to make a light icing sugar and lemon juice icing (mix up the juice of half a lemon, a dessert spoon of warm water and as much icing sugar as you want to get a runny consistency- to go on the top (over the lemon sauce) too to give it a pretty look and a crunchy glaze. I’m going to do that next time – and this recipe is so good it deserves another outing.

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  1. I’d also like to say, this lemon cake was delicious. Made even better by the addition of icing on top!

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